Second chances for ex-offenders through education

Longford Prize

Longford Prize Winner: Prisoners Abroad

23rd November 2007

The judges highlighted the 'courage, persistence and humanity' of Prisoners Abroad, over almost three decades, sometimes in the face of public and official indifference and even hostility, and made special mention of its on-going work in helping those who have been in overseas prisons re-integrated back into Britain when they are released.

The Longford Prize judges also made special mention of two other entries:

The Forgiveness Project, for its work in exploring and encouraging notions of forgiveness through grassroots projects (including in prisons) in the fields of conflict resolution, reconciliation and victim support; and

Joe Baden and the Open Book Project, which encourages young ex-prisoners who have achieved educational qualifications while in prison to consider taking their studies further at a range of south London higher education institutes, including Goldsmith's College.

And the Longford Prize judges made a Lifetime Award in honour of his outstanding contribution to the cause of prison reform over many decades to the leading barrister and campaigner Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC

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