HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING: our scholar Isaac Rasmussen on his roundabout route to a career in journalism READ MORE

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The Longford Blog is an all-year-round conversation – about, amongst other things, prison, the criminal justice system, and what a difference education can make in turning (prison) sentences into degrees as our Longford scholars are all doing. This Blog page is an opportunity for our scholars (like Gavin, pictured above) who are at the heart of what we do - as well as our mentors and others involved in the scholarship programme - to share first-hand experiences and ideas for change.

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Hindsight is a Wonderful Thing

Author: | 7 May 2024

As he nears release, our Longford scholar Isaac Rasmussen is reflecting on the past decisions that led him from Royal Marine to prisoner. He describes… Read More

The trick is to realise that it is for you

Author: | 26 Mar 2024

Longford Scholar, Darren Robert, has just graduated in scriptwriting from the National Film and Television School. Today he is in the running for a dream… Read More

I haven’t got a clue what I’d be doing now otherwise

Author: | 12 Mar 2024

Current scholar David Shipley was 38 and half way through a sentence for fraud. More and more, his thoughts were turning to life after release…. Read More

Dr Gareth Griffiths RIP

Author: | 28 Feb 2024

With his Longford Scholarship, says his sister Lorna, her brother went ‘from drugs, crime and prison to being a respected professional, a Doctor of Physics,… Read More