Join The Debate On Prison Reform

The Longford Trust is committed to its annual lecture on prison reform reaching the widest possible audience, and so we are making available for you to watch our Frank Talks, edited 20-minute films of recent lectures.  We will add to the collection with each future lecture, and our intention is that they offer a chance, like the celebrated Ted Talks, for viewers to digest the arguments made on the night by the speakers such as Michael Palin (above), and so inform the wider debate about rehabilitation and second chances.

Michael Palin On Families

In his 2015 Longford Lecture, available (right) as a Frank Talk, the writer, broadcaster, actor and comedian drew on his own observations over many years of the “collateral damage” done to the families of prisoners by their rough treatment by the authorities.

Looking Back and Forward

Michael Gove, the former Secretary of State for Justice, a new brush when in charge of prisons in England and Wales, offers in this Frank Talk (right) a wish-list of reforms that are urgently needed to reform our criminal justice system.

“In prison not a lot can happen, the daily routine providing a regular if monotonous structure to life behind bars. For the family outside everything can happen…Daily life becomes a series of little lies and deceits as parents or relatives have to deal with the question of what to tell the children.”

Michael Palin, 2015 Longford Lecture

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