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The Prison Bus

by Gavin Grimshaw

from HMP Buckley Hall

The picture seems real but the scene is all fake

A prison bus is rolling by Hollingworth Lake

You appreciate your life when it’s yours that they take

You look but can’t touch, yeah, its total heartbreak

It’s like viewing through a world with a digital screen

Shaken and strangled by a sweat dripping dream

Assaulted with guilt and stabbed by a scream

If God is so real, then why’s he so mean?

The prison bus is rolling ever since I was a teen

One life, two life choices in my head

Trapped behind bars, yeah, is living like you’re dead

Now I’m dreaming of a lake, feeding ducks with my bread

The prison bus is rolling – best remember what I said

Can you hear that, you know, that tiny little voice

The one inside your mind that is giving you a choice

You’re either living in despair or you’re smiling in rejoice

Searching for my place as I walk the water’s face

Becoming one with nature, yeah, adapting to my space

Questioning myself in this blood-rushing race

Not knowing overwhelms me with a fear-kicking pace

Alive but far from living, existing, not a taste

Strolling down the banking as the ripples trickle by

The echoing of time with a tear inside my eye

I’m drowning in the currents, yet wondering why

Feeling all the motion, yeah, I’m living in a lie

Lost upon a dream is a child inside a guy

The prison bus is rolling … but I’m learning how to fly