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How To Enjoy Past Lectures One More Time

The Longford Trust is committed to the widest possible distribution of all its Longford Lectures, so that the arguments our speakers have advanced on the night can continue to inform and shape debate around penal policy both in the UK and beyond.  We make the texts of each lecture available free-of-charge on our website (including that by 2017 Lecturer, Ken Loach, pictured above). We also provide a Frank Talk version of recent lectures – an edited 15-20-minute film, introduced by Jon Snow, and modelled on the success of the Ted Talks.

Watch Michael Gove’s 2016 Lecture

Watch a Recent Lecture

If you missed one of our recent lectures, would like to watch it again, or share it with friends: go to our Frank Talks page to see what is available, click (right) to watch highlights of Michael Gove’s 2016 Lecture, or here to watch the 2018 lecture.

Watch Bianca Jagger’s 2013 Lecture

Read a Past Lecture

Every Longford Lecture since 2002 is available in text version for you to read and reflect on.  Some early lecture texts also include introductions by Trust patrons who conjure up the atmosphere on the night.

Click here to access our free-to-use archive.

  • How to access all our past lectures free-of-charge
  • Watch or read past lectures or share with friends and colleagues
  • Use 20-minute edited versions of lecture like Ted Talks
  • A comprehensive selection of Longford Lectures with one click

Read Lecture Texts