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What Are The Nat Billington Scholarships?

Many embarking on a degree worry about the career prospects when they graduate. At present in the UK, we have a critical shortage of computer scientists and programmers, so the Longford Trust, initially with the support of the Rank Foundation, offers scholarships to encourage more serving prisoners to make better use of the ICT facilities in their education departments and thereby start out on the road to the sort of degree that could lead to a fulfilling career in this growth-area of our economy.

How To Apply?

Watch this short film we have made with Wayout TV and HMP Wayland about why a career in computers could be for you.  If you are inspired, or have a place to study computer science at FE college or university, fill out our application form.

Nat Billington, with his sons

About Nat Billington?

Nat Billington, computer entrepreneur and Lord Longford’s grandson, was one of our team of mentors before his death in 2015 aged 44. He supported Longford Scholars in his own discipline, computer science, and encouraged them to gain the qualifications that have subsequently lead them to securing good jobs.

“Nat helped me in many ways.  I was lucky to have someone with vast knowledge about my course as my mentor. He always made people around him feel at ease and comfortable.  He was an inspirational and motivating force behind my endeavours during my time at university.” Peter, Longford Scholar and computer science graduate

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