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Your Chance To See For Yourself

Thinking of applying for a Longford Scholarship? Wondering whether you might make a suitable volunteer mentor? Wanting to attend the Longford Lecture but struggling to make the date or the journey there?  In these films and testimonials we have commissioned for the website, we offer you the chance to do precisely that: from our Frank Talks, edited 20-minute versions of recent lectures, to the personal stories of those ex-prisoners we support. All in their own words.

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The Reality of Rehabilitation

How do our scholarships make a difference? With presenter Raphael Rowe, our 3-part series, The Reality of Rehabilitation, shot by Russell Bruns, hears from Longford Scholars at different points in their degree courses.  Here (right) is third one, about Sean, who has just graduated and got a job as an engineer. Watch the first and second films.

Nils Oberg – 2014 Longford Lecturer

Join In With The Debate

Missed a Longford Lecture? Our Frank Talks, short, edited versions of recent lectures by Michael Gove, Michael Palin, Bianca Jagger and others, allow you to listen to the arguments on questions of prison reform made by our distinguished speakers.

Lee’s Story