Privacy Policy

Without being able to communicate with our scholars, mentors, donors and supporters, the Longford Trust would struggle to sustain its work in prison reform. We are, therefore, currently auditing and updating our present privacy policies to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations that come into force in May 2018. A statement of our practices will be included here as soon as ready, but in the interim we re-iterate our continuing commitment to upholding best practice.

We Do Not:

  1. Share or sell scholar/mentor/donor/supporter data with other organisations. All mailings are managed internally.
  2. Buy in or borrow data from other organisations.

We Do:

  1. Keep data securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  2. Ensure those working for the trust, and our volunteers, meet the best practice standards in managing data and confidentiality when communicating with our scholars, mentors, donors and supporters.

We Will:

  1. Listen and act immediately on instructions from those who tell us they no longer want to be contacted by the Longford Trust, or that they want us to remove their data from our database

Postal and email communications:

If you would like to unsubscribe from postal mailings or email communications at any time, you can do so in writing to Longford Trust, PO Box 64302, London NW6 9JP or by email at