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Many Ways For You To Get Involved

If you want to support the Longford Trust in its work for prison reform, here are a few options you might like to consider. You can attend our annual lecture, hear how things could be done better, and then spread the word. Or you can volunteer as a mentor to our Longford Scholars. Or encourage your local school to become one of our school partners. Or you can also make a donation. Whichever you choose, it will increase our effectiveness in providing second chances.

Scholar Andy at the 2015 lecture

Money Matters

We aim each year to raise around £500,000 to support our projects. We are a small, flexible, innovative organisation, using technology to keep our administration costs to a minimum so as to direct funds to where they are most needed, and can be most effective in delivering change.

How Our Scholars and Mentors work together

Filmed at our 2023 Longford Lecture, our director Peter Stanford welcomed up on stage scholarship award-holders Kieron and Max, and mentor Coky, so that they could explain to the audience in the Assembly Hall of Church House why they applied for a Longford Scholarship, what difference it had made to their study plans, what next steps they were planning once they graduated, as well as how the relationship between mentors and scholars works – to the benefit of both parties.

“The charity closest to my heart is the Longford Trust. You can read more about it elsewhere on this website and learn how its scholarship programme establishes role models for other young prisoners, wanting to avoid re-offending and to rehabilitate themselves through education.” Trustee Rachel Billington