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The Longford Trust receives no public funds and has no endowment. Its work is entirely dependent on donated funds. The trustees would like to thank the following past and present Major Benefactors.

Over the past 12 months:

Jon and Julia Aisbitt

Charles Alexander

Lord Archer

The John Armitage Charitable Trust

Lionel Barber

The BEC Trust

Hannah Billington

The Blavatnik Family Foundation

Gyles Brandreth

The Bromley Trust

Buchanan & Rob Connell

Buchanan & Leighton Harris

Buchanan & Morag Kay

Simon Cairns

City&Metropolitan Welfare Charity

RJ Clark

Richard Collins

The Violet and Milo Cripps Charitable Trust

The Alex and William de Winton Trust

The Dischma Charitable Trust

Jane Dominey

The Robert Gavron Charitable Trust

The GESS Charitable Trust

The Glebe Charitable Trust

The Hawthorne Charitable Trust

Kate Hill

Peter Holt

Sir Harold Hood’s Charitable Trust

The KW Charitable Trust

The Legal Education Foundation

The Karen and Lawrence Lever Charitable Trust

The Linbury Trust

The Lund Trust – a charitable fund of Peter Baldwin and Lisbet Rausing

The McGrath Charitable Trust

The Miles Morland Foundation

The Ofenheim Charitable Trust

The Henry Oldfield Trust

The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust

Richard Pollitzer

The Rivers Foundation

The Rothschild Foundation

Seckford Golf Club Seniors

The Stone Family Foundation

Troy Asset Management

The Wilmington Trust


In recent years:

Sarah Anderson

David Astor

Stephen and Nuala Blaney

Thomas Brown

Shirley Conran

Stephen Corcoran

Stephen Fitzpatrick

The Northwick Trust

Kevin Pakenham

The Rank Foundation

Unilink Technology Services,


Those who enabled us to set up and establish the Longford Trust:

Bronwen Astor, The Avenue Trust, Diana and Nicholas Baring, Nat Billington, Cherie Booth, Lord Charles Cecil, Dolly Costopoulos, Harriet Cullen, The Earl of Dartmouth, The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Edward Fitzgerald, Lady Antonia Fraser, Benjie Fraser, Damian Fraser, Sir Peter Lloyd, The Monument Trust, Richard I Morris Jr, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Northern Dairies’ Educational Trust, Cristina Odone, Sir Anthony O’Reilly, Sir Michael Pakenham, Thomas Pakenham, Lord Ramsbotham, Jon Snow, Peter Soros, Sir James Spooner, The Stone Family Foundation, Bob Turney, Marina Warner, and Ann Widdecombe


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