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An Appeal From Our Founding Chairman

“My subject is money,” wrote Kevin Pakenham (pictured above, who was chair of the trust until his sudden death in July 2020), “and money counts. We account for it carefully when it comes to us, and when we spend it. I hope this website tells you what happens to it – and the gratitude the trustees feel for the generosity of all. Huge thanks to all who’ve contributed in so many ways to the Longford Trust.”

For What We Receive

In 2021, as our chair Tom Pakenham (right) announced at our 2022 lecture, the trust raised £433,005, a figures that includes £140,000 given to establish our endowment fund which aims to produce an annual income to support the trust’s work in the long-term. We spent a total of £301,798, with 70 per cent of that money going on our scholarships programme.

David Jolie, Prize winner, with Hannah Billington

What We Hold In Reserve

At the end of 2021, the Longford Trust held, after accruals, assets of £363,764, of which £140,000 was in the endowment fund. Our financial commitment to many of our scholars extends for the duration of their degrees, up to three years into the future.

  • To do its work, the trust currently aims to raise £350,000 annually
  • Each scholarship on average costs £4,500 in total.
  • Donations of time, as mentors, are greatly valued.
  • We make no charge for lecture tickets but welcome donations in lieu