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One-To-One Help And Support

The Longford Trust works with individual serving and ex-prisoners on a one-to-one basis.  Every one’s life story so far is different.  Every one has their own dreams and ambitions for the future.  And every one benefits from the sort of bespoke help and support we can offer.  Some of those who receive our scholarships have taken time out to talk on camera in a series of films made by award-winning South African director, Russell Bruns.

Listen to Lee on his scholarship

What My Scholarship Means

Justin and Lee (pictured) talk about how a Longford Scholarship helped them on their way to careers in finance and art.  And, in a third film, law undergraduate CJ and her mentor Jessica discussed how their relationship works.

One-to-one mentors

Former Longford Scholars look back at how the trust supported their rehabilitation, and enabled them to turn their lives around after being in prison. And Michele, one of our team of volunteer mentors, describes her role supporting Naomi.

“Michele, my mentor, tells me how she sees me when we meet up. And she is able to tell me what progress I am making, and what I still have to work on. If she hadn’t been there, if the trust hadn’t had confidence in me, I don’t think I would have been able to cope.”

Naomi, Longford Scholar, graduated in photography 2013