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Opening Doors To Careers In The Law

The Patrick Pakenham Awards are specifically for those serving and ex-prisoners wanting to read Law. As well as supporting award-holders through their degree, the trust works with them to satisfy the requirements of both solicitors’ and barristers’ regulatory bodies, and so potentially go on to careers in the Law. We have links with major law firms around offering student placements and mentoring support. The awards are supported by the Legal Education Foundation.

Barrister Patrick Pakenham

About Patrick Pakenham

“Paddy” Pakenham was Lord Longford’s barrister son. After his death from cancer in 2005, his many friends, guided by his beloved partner Dominique de Borchgrave, helped the trust to establish annual awards in his name aimed at those serving and ex-prisoners wanting to read Law at university.

Scholar Jacob and his partner with Jon Snow

How To Apply

If you plan to read Law, fill in our standard application form but select the Patrick Pakenham Awards’ box at the start. All other criteria, details and timings are the same as those that apply to other Longford Scholarships.

  • Specialist awards to support Law degrees
  • On-going support to build careers in Law
  • Founded in memory of barrister Patrick Pakenham
  • Use same application form as Longford Scholarships
  • Supported by Legal Education Foundation

Application Form