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What the Longford Trust Is All About

The Longford Trust is about second chances for those like Lee (above) who have been in prison. Our Longford Scholarship programme has, over the past 17 years, supported more than 500 young people, most of them in the 20s, to rebuild their lives through education after serving a prison sentence. 85% go to university, graduate and move forward thanks to our Employability project to have careers, to settle down, and to start families. In short, they do all the “normal” things that most take for granted. We work with them to make that happen.

Longford Scholar Jamie and his mentor Carolyn at an exhibition of his work

What We Stand For

Our starting point is that everyone deserves a second chance. We offer it through going to university, as part of a programme, built on shared humanity, that works one-to-one with individuals to bring out the best in them, to open doors, and to offer practical ways forward into graduate-level employment and in life.

What We Are Doing

Scholar Kam at 2021 Lecture

The Longford Trust is a registered charity (number 1164701) and has three projects: our Longford Scholarships programme (including our Employability project); our annual Longford Lecture; and our annual Longford awards. What links all three of these programmes is our core commitment to prison reform and to second chances for prisoners.


  • The Longford Trust offers prisoners second chances.
  • It offers scholarships to go to university.
  • It organises an annual lecture and prize.
  • It offers new futures through Employability.

How We Change Lives