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“Rhetoric versus Reality: reflections on my journey as Prisons’ Minister”

Rory Stewart (right) will deliver our 2023 Longford Lecture at Church House, Westminster, on Wednesday 22 November at 6.30pm. The event will also feature the awarding of the 2023 Longford Prize,and Kevin Pakenham Award.  Award-winning author, diplomat, soldier and director of GiveDirectly, Rory Stewart was Prisons’ Minister between 2018 and 2019 in Theresa May’s government.  He left Parliament in 2019 and is no longer a member of the Conservative Party.  With Alastair Campbell, he co-presents the popular podcast, The Rest is Politics.



All tickets for the lecture were booked within hours of them being made available online. If you want to go on the waiting list for returns contact Sara Boxer (right) at office@longfordtrust.org  but that list is long. We will have a Livestream of the lecture available on the night. Register for details at office@longfordtrust.org