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Trustee Jon Snow on gifts in wills

“Over 20 years since the death of my friend Frank Longford, the Trust that bears his name has embedded his commitment to a humane prison system, becoming an admired force nationally by delivering rehabilitation of prisoners through its scholarship programme. A generous bequest of £140,000 made in 2021 by Frank’s grandchildren, from the estate of their father, provided a wonderful financial bedrock upon which we are building an endowment fund to secure the trust’s work going forward. I hope as many of you as possible will feel, as I do, that this is our opportunity to put our shoulders to the trust’s endeavour that its scholarships remain a practical, proven, life-changing route of reform and rehabilitation for those in our prisons.”

Future planning

Over the next five years, we are working towards a target of £5 million for our endowment fund. The investment income from this will enable us to double from the current  number of scholarships we award annually, and to sustain that level of commitment. We need your help.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss making a gift in your will, or adding a codicil to an existing will, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Chris Walters (pictured right). He can be reached  by email or at PO Box 72887, London N2 2FG, and will be happy to arrange a time for you to talk further to one of us.  You can read our current list of donors to the endowment – and to the trust’s work generally – here.

“I’m eternally grateful to the Longford Trust. You gave me more than higher education, a mentor and money. You have given me opportunities and hope, confidence and happiness.” CJ, Patrick Pakenham Scholar

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