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Why Mentors Are Crucial To Our Success

Every Longford Scholar is accompanied through their years at university by one of our trained Longford Trust mentors. These volunteers come from all walks of life, all ages and all parts of the country. With backing from the Rank Foundation, we offer them initial training, specialist top-up sessions, travel costs and the support of our mentoring manager, Veena Josh. Many of our graduates report back that what made the biggest impact on them succeeding was the support given by their mentor. More than 95% of our cohort of scholarship award-holders said in our 2022 independent evaluation of our programme that having a mentor made a difference to their chances of success. “I believe that communication with someone who is cheering you on to become the complete version of yourself is absolutely crucial,” said one. “Prison has the ability to shatter your confidence, so a mentor is what most of us need, sometimes without us knowing it.”

Mentor Pawel and mentee Toby

Who Are Our Mentors?

Some know what it is to be in prison, or have had a criminal conviction. Others have expertise in the subject “their” scholar is studying. Some have professional links useful to them. All are good listeners. All will do everything they can to make degrees and careers more achievable.

Hope And Happiness

CJ was a Patrick Pakenham Scholar, studying Law. She was mentored during her degree by barrister, Jessica. In this short film, CJ explains what a difference that made, giving her “opportunities and hope, confidence and happiness”.


  • If you are interested in mentoring, contact our mentoring manager, Veena Josh (below)
  • Regular training days are organised for those wanting to be mentors
  • All mentors are supported in their mentoring by our mentoring manager
  • Mentoring can make the difference between success and failure at university

Contact Veena