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Michael Gove: ‘What is Really Criminal about our Justice System?’

16th November 2016 | View Transcript

“So many of those in prison are damaged individuals, victims themselves,” argued the former Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, when he delivered the 15th Longford Lecture on November 16, 2016, at Church House, Westminster. “We should be careful about the moral judgements we make about them…We need to ensure that prisons build up the resources of character and resilience which will mean prisoners are less likely to offend in future.  I believe, with Frank Longford, that such a mission is vital because every single human soul is precious and all of us can achieve something worthwhile if the circumstances are right.”

You can watch Michael Gove’s lecture by clicking on the link on the picture above. Or read the transcript of his remarks by going to “View Transcript” above.



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