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Getting In Touch With The Longford Trust

We are a small, flexible organisation and our office is not open at all times, but you can always either leave a message for us, send us an email, or write to the Longford Trust, PO Box 72887, London N2 2FG.  For general enquiries speak to Sara Boxer at office@longfordtrust.org For fundraising go to Chris Walters at fundraising@longfordtrust.org For legacies, the Longford and Kevin Pakenham Prizes, the school partnership scheme, or media enquires, contact Peter Stanford on director@longfordtrust.org

Scholarships and Mentoring

If your enquiry is about any of our scholarships, email Clare Lewis (right) at scholars@longfordtrust.org Or call her on 07747 365037 on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 9am and 5pm. For information about volunteering as a mentor, contact Veena Josh at mentors@longfordtrust.org

Mailing List and Employability

If you would like to join our mailing list, have questions about the Longford Lecture, want any information or have any queries about The Longford Trust, please contact Sara Boxer (right) at office@longfordtrust.org

If you are an employer and want to talk about working with us on our Employability programme, contact Abi Andrews at employ@longfordtrust.org

  • The quickest way to contact us is by email
  • For those without email access, use our postal address
  • Office hours and limited, so only call as a last resort

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